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Passionate about music and shows, I have always had the goal to work in this field. Firstly, I started by studying architecture which allowed me to learn how to work around different spaces. Following these studies, I specialized in a Master in Digital Performance in London. Through this study, I strengthened my skills around the space but this time I learned how to work with a stage and videos. Alongside studying, I assisted numbers of stage designers, working on shows in the realm of theatre and opera.


In 2016, I was hired as a creative director at All Access Design, a studio based in Paris, specialized in visual creation. My work consisted in managing the whole visual aspect of the shows: stage design, video and light design.  I had the chance to work on the tour of Soprano, Vitalic, Ibeyi, Etienne Daho and more.


In 2018, building on this professional experience and driven by new ambitions, I decided to start my own creative studio with the will to create visual performances. I have since collaborated on several projects as: Les Grand Prix Sacem, Izia, Ninho, Les Souliers Rouges and several more to come.

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